Featured Designers

image of Samantha R. Crossland

Samantha R. Crossland - Samantha Rei x Apatico

Samantha will be showing a new collection alongside @apatico called "Ars Moriendi". It is spooky, ethereal and decadent. “Samantha Rei” embodies the sweetness, femininity and attention to detail that has come to be expected from the designer. Samantha strives to help women feel confident, strong and comfortable in their own skin. She believes they can all be beautiful warriors. @samanthareiofficial

image of Hitomi Wong

Hitomi Wong - Hitomi K

Hitomi resides in Minneapolis and majored in fashion design. Hitomi began experimenting with fabric at the age of 15 and uses fashion to explore the beauty and elegance of dystopia. She looks to self-reflection to fuel her work and leans towards alternative, couture, and avant-garde styling.

image of Cobilee West

Cobilee West - CJW Designs

Cobilee West is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who specializes in technical design and creative problem solving. She wants to use her designs and collection concepts to help people question and rethink social norms, and to address the problems and negative effects the fashion industry has on the world socially, economically, and eviromentally.

Capsule Designers

image of Sydia Reeves

Sydia Reeves - Diays Designs

From the age of 9 I knew I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap of my culture with every day fashion. I am a second generation American. My family is from Liberia, a country in West Africa. My overall goal in everything I create is to see beautiful African prints on display for everyone to admire.

image of Océane Théa

Océane Théa - TheaCouture

My name is Océane Théa, Co-designer of "TheaCouture". TheaCouture has been a Family brand since the early 1990’s. It was created by my father, Thea Yaya, in Guinea Conakry (West Africa). Our mission is to empower all people to gain confidence in their body by wearing our clothes, with no stigma of what fashion is. TheaCouture is working on branching out to be featured in high end shows, online sales, and to expand as a family. Being a Co-designer has been my dream since my father’s first fashion show (that I attended at the age of 7).

image of Mercedes Bergman

Mercedes Bergman

Mercedes is known to spend long hours in her studio creating garments with her with ‘assistant’ Armani, a sweet orange tabby rescue cat. As a designer with an artist’s heart, Mercedes was called to fashion design for the challenge to create something beautiful while incorporating an element of functionality. She is drawn to unique textures-- often combining velvet, faux fur, wool and silks to create elaborate high-end evening wear. Exploring new cultures through travel is where Mercedes gains inspiration, and is reflected in the exotic design details such as fringe or tassels that work their way into her designs.

image of EPHEM by Lucie Jane

EPHEM by Lucie Jane

EPHEM comes from the word 'ephemeral' meaning "lasting for a very short time." Fashion is the ultimate example of something ephemeral: ever changing and evolving; never staying the same. For EPHEM's 2019 collection, inspiration was drawn from the melting pot of differences around us and the beauty therein.

image of Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson - Malachite

Amanda Peterson has an extensive background in product design and development. Her main area of expertise is in high-quality leather goods. Amanda recently left the corporate world to pursue a freelance career in this field. Malachite Leather is Amanda's emerging brand, and she is proud to present her debut collection of handbags and accessories in the 2019 Black Hearts Ball runway show.

Gallery Designer


This installation is a multimedia review of a series of capsule collections grounded in our Aztec heritage. Merging post classic Aztec attire with modern street style.