Featured Designers

image of Ashley Jensen

Ashley Jensen - Gilded Roots

Gilded Roots is an exploration of your personal identity and the confidence to share it with the world. Designer Ashley Jensen believes color should be seen and celebrated! We’re mixing up classic styles with unique colors and textures while giving a shout out to the African diaspora. Our athletic fit combines a more tailored look with streetwear swag. Gilded Roots luxury wardrobe staples make sure you’re living your best life no matter the occasion.

image of Cobilee West

Cobilee West - CJW Designs

Cobilee West is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who specializes in technical design and creative problem solving. She wants to use her designs and collection concepts to help people question and rethink social norms, and to address the problems and negative effects the fashion industry has on the world socially, economically, and eviromentally.

image of Thom Navarro

Thom Navarro - TIM+THOM

Thom Navarro is a self taught tailor, designer and event producer based in Minnesota. His focus is not simply clothing or design; he is committed to opening spaces and breaking down barriers for other artists in his creative community. With every event and collection, Thom’s goal is to create change and opportunity through thoughtful designs and concepts that push boundaries. He has shown in New York’s September Fashion Week and has produced many successful events such as Italian Style, Lark and Black Hearts Ball.

Capsule Designers

image of Divya Divakaran

Divya Divakaran - Be Tvum

My love for DIY projects began from my childhood. A couple of years back, I wore one of my Upcycled outfits, made with an Indian Saree For a red carpet event. It was a huge hit among the fashionistas at the party. This gave me the confidence to become a fashion designer. My signature style is drapes and pleats due to the love for “Saree”. I prefer using sustainable high-quality fabrics to blend Indian fashion in western outfits.

image of Sinead Kelly

Sinead Kelly - Happy Calamity

Through her new label, Happy Calamity, Sinead seeks to marry her signature appreciation of the bold and whimsical to fill a niche in the market for spunk meets radical extravagance. Armed with her scissors and thread, each garment is made with love to feel like a hug and spark joy in the wearer who adorns those threads.

image of Sydia Reeves

Sydia Reeves - Diays Designs

From the age of 9 I knew I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap of my culture with every day fashion. I am a second generation American. My family is from Liberia, a country in West Africa. My overall goal in everything I create is to see beautiful African prints on display for everyone to admire.

image of Victor Farmah

Victor Farmah - FRIKA

I am an emerging, ambitious and PROUD Liberian costume designer. Needless to say, I’m from Liberia, a West African Country. However, due to 14 years of civil war that engulfed my country, my family resided on Buduburam- a refugee camp for Liberians. It was there i was thought the art essence of art, the importance of friendship, the core value of family, and the richness of my culture. Furthermore, it’s the place that shaped the driven, determined, and dedicated individual i am today. My philosophy is if you can draw it, you can make it.

Gallery Designers

image of Madelyn KenKnight

Madelyn KenKnight - By Madelyn

Madelyn KenKnight is a designer and entrepreneur committed to responsible use of new, reclaimed and up-cycled materials that highlight contrasts of material composition, texture and color to create and express nuanced symbolism related to social issues. She visualizes solutions that explore the boundaries of the possible to create unique experiences.

image of Monica Lyon

Monica Lyon - Felt Good

This installation is a multimedia review of a series of capsule collections grounded in our Aztec heritage. Merging post classic Aztec attire with modern street style.