image of Bris Carbajal

Bris Carbajal - YESSENYA

YESSENYA is a fashion label for those fearless, bold, introverted & extroverted personalities on the hunt for individuality. YESSENYA garments are made to evoke positive emotion, empower, to speak without words while providing visual interest to the world. Bris Carbajal is the creative force of the label. From a young age, sketching garments in elementary, her focus remained on creating a brand. Bris' inspiration roots from personal experiences, culture and extends into fantasy.

image of Lauren Kacher

Lauren Kacher - Form over Function / FOF

Form over Function is a revolutionary design force, creating unisex ready-to-wear collections and artistic studio collaborations. These creative projects include custom designed performance wear for musicians, fashion + music films, and the exploration of wearable technology. Each FOF collection is completely androgynous paired with convertibility and a unique sizing system, allowing consumers to choose a style regardless of their gender.
Form over Function will be showing their newest collection, VEHEMENT, as a fashion and music film, in collaboration with a local videographer and musician. This collection explores volcanic elements and the concept of breaking though self-imposed limitations to complete liberation.

image of Lucie Jane Mulligan

Lucie Jane Mulligan - Lucie Jane

Lucie Jane has always been inspired to design for those fashion tends to forget. In college, at the University of Minnesota College of Design, she focused on plus size women's wear creating looks for sizes ranging from 6-16. After graduation, she worked with brand Jennasea designing swimwear and resort-wear for women with D-G cup busts specifically. For Black Hearts Ball 2017, she has chosen to design for yet another under represented client; men. Menswear tends to move quite a bit slower than womenswear but with the recent surge in fashion and music collaboration, some exciting trends are emerging. Lucie Jane's debut menswear line is inspired by athletic wear and the melding of high fashion and hip-hop cultures as well as the temporary nature of fashion and the fact that nothing is forever.

image of Oskar Ly

Oskar Ly - Os.Couture

OS.COUTURE, founded by Oskar Ly is a fashion art label inspired by Hmong French American diaspora and influences. Oskar’s design approach is informed through immersing herself deep in process and community to emerge and produce elevated expressions of complex identities, culture, and social justice. Her works move from dramatic and conceptual to eccentric and wearable. OS.COUTURE invokes a wearer like no one else, centering passion for community and culture.

image of Shiader Vue

Shiader Vue

Shiader Vue is an aspiring fashion designer whose inspirations come from nature, texture and art. She is always looking to collaborate with others to create something entirely unique and original.


image of Mahogany Plautz

Mahogany Plautz - Special Guest MC

Because everyone's light is beautiful I coax that inner beauty out to shine on the world. I have spent over 16 years working with the best of the best in Minneapolis both behind the chair and in the fashion industry. Mama, wife and CARVE SALON owner. I love Minneapolis, Paul Mitchell and fashion!

Justin Anthony Spenner and Kelly Turpin - Co-Directors of Music

Justin Anthony Spenner and Kelly Turpin are professional opera singers based inMinneapolis, MN. Since meeting quite literally on stage at the Minnesota Opera, they have explored each others musical flexibility in the genres of Art Song, Aria, Cabaret, Jazz, and Country.