About Black Hearts Ball

Black Hearts Ball is a locally produced social engagement and fashion event that celebrates the immensely diverse Twin Cities fashion scene, by showcasing often unsung designers that thrive to uplift our communities.

Guests are invited to be part of the “heart” and soul of the evening and encouraged to dress in their preferred Black or White attire embracing the theme of this Ball.

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Event Details

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Friday, April 27th 2017

This is a black and white formal event. The runway will be a moving canvas. Guests are encouraged to wear black and/or white, so the collections viewed on the runway are the primary focus.

Arrival (7:00 pm): Ticket holders are invited to join the designers and production team during social hour, cocktails and photo opportunities. Guests will be able to view a gallery style installation by local designer, Ivan Idlan, during this time. Theater doors open for the main event at 8:00 PM.

Black Carpet (7:00 PM – 8:30 PM): Guests will be able to stop and pose for the cameras on the “Black Carpet” step & repeat as they arrive.

Main Event (8:30 PM- 10:30 PM): Hosted by Twin Cities personality, Anahita Champion

Aria Minneapolis
105 North 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Leadership Team

Portrait of Tim Navarro

Tim Navarro

Director of operations
Portrait of Thom Navarro

Thom Navarro

Director of Creative Operations
Portrait of Alex Butterfield

Alex Butterfield

Director of Photography
Portrait of Dre Demrey-Sanders

Dre Demrey-Sanders

Director of Beauty
Portrait of Francisco Escobar Mendez

Francisco Escobar Mendez

Director of Photography
Portrait of Jaisa Blegen

Jaisa Blegen

Art Director
Portrait of Jayne Deis

Jayne Deis

Operations Assistant
Stage Director

Tim Navarro - Producer / Director of Operations
Thom Navarro - Producer / Director of Creative Operations and Event Design

TIM+THOM is a community forward fashion brand focused on growth and diversity in their industries. As advocates for fashion and the arts, they are committed to strengthening relationships within communities, while engaging their audience through thought provoking creative designs and tailor made tastemaker events.

Alex Butterfield - Director of Photography

Alexander Butterfield is an Experiential and Art photographer located in NE Minneapolis.

Dre Demrey-Sanders - Director of Beauty

Completely enthused to extend her artistry beyond the salon and to explore outside of her creative comfort zone, Dre Demry-Sanders is passionate about being a innovative hair stylist and educator, with a focus and foundation on natural textured hair, and currently has long-term goals of being an interdisciplinary artist and creative brand director. Outside of producing work that is unique, immaculate, avante garde, and novel in its own right in her role as a stylist and educator, Dre is also dedicated to desegregating salon spaces and breaking down non-inclusive beauty standards. Her creativity, dedication, and determination had landed her a spot as a semi-finalist for Trendvision 2016, and as a finalist for Sebastian What's Next Awards 2017. Dre has collaborated with several Fashion Week Minnesota events such as Black Hearts Ball and Culture Piece Magazine, and now serves as Director of Beauty for Black Hearts Ball.

Francisco Escobar Mendez - Director of Photography

Hey, I'm Frank. I found something I love; something that propels me forward. Forward towards a future filled with pictures and memories. Do what you love, and love doing it.

Jaisa Blegen - Art Director

Graphic Designer